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grant successes

December 2012

NEHS - £200

Community Fruit Trees

We would like to seek funding to purchase miniature fruit trees & bushes to create a Fruit Picking Project.  We will plant the trees and bushes within a recently refurbished car park area.

Once we have planted the fruit trees & bushes Friends of Our Valley will maintain them.  The fruit will be available to the public to pick and we will encourage voluntary donations to Friends of Our Valley for any produce picked.

In addition, Our Friends group would like to pool any fruit picked on task days to create valley grown home made chutneys and jams that we will sell locally to raise funds for our continued work within the valley area.


November 2012

Area Flexibility Funding - £630

Nature & History Trails

5000 History Trail Leaflets and 5000 Nature Trail Leaflets that will guide visitors to Our Valley on trails approximately 1-2 miles long. The Trails are freely available to the public and made strategically available to those visiting the valley.  Our aim is to encourage those who visit the valley to gain maximum educational value from its rich history and ecology and maximum enjoyment by encouraging them to explore the area more fully.


August 2012

MacNair Trust - £500

Jubilee Gateway

We commissioned a local artist to hand carve an oak gate to specifically fit between the stone posts. We have discussed the project with our chosen artist and proposed to relief carve native animals into the gate making it a really unique piece. We feel that the location is really fitting to the Jubilee given the Jubilee hedgerow we planted along the path that leads up from the gateway.


October 2012

Woodland Trust

Jubilee Hedgrow – Theme Wild Harvest - jams, jellies, chutneys and cordials (native species not an orchard pack)

We planted a single line hedge which replaced a rather old wire partial fence line which runs along side a public right of way. We created a jubilee tree walkway that everyone will be able to harvest fruit from in the future. Also, it is our groups way of celebrating the jubilee as we will have a jubilee tree in there too!


August 2012


100 False Fox Sedge Plug Plants

Ideal to plant around our bird hide


June 2012

MacNair Trust - £265.30

Bird Hide & Feeding Station

Living Willow Birdwatchers Wall that would essentially be a live wall of willow saplings woven into a screen through which birds can be watched at close quarters.  The willow is flexible so has woven in peepholes at various heights so that it is accessible to children & adults.  We constructed the kit with volunteers on a task day open to all and hope that the bird watcher’s station will become a popular and permanent feature of the valley.  We tempt the birds to the bird watching area by carefully locating it and installing a series of squirrel proof bird feeders (for which we also received funding) that will be maintained and topped up with food regularly through funds raised from donations to Friends of Our Valley.


Autumn 2010

Woodland Trust  - 420 saplings

Hedge planed around perimeter of Mellor Mill Woods


O2 Its Your Community - £514.63

Seed & Bulb Trail

Our project successfully involved our community in its local green space and has helped to create links with other local groups and projects.  As a direct result of the task day our group has gained members and volunteers with specialist skills who want to help us further enhance our valley.

By using mainly seeds, to limit heavy digging, we ensured that all members of the public could take part in Our Seed and Bulb Trail.  Many volunteers are becoming quite attentive over the particular areas that they helped to seed and plant

Our Seed and Bulb Trail is a small project with a big impact.  We received more than enough volunteers to complete the project - despite the torrential rain on the task days!  The Seed and Bulb Trail involved and inspired our community, giving us the confidence and enthusiasm to believe in our potential to make a positive impact on our environment, helping us to develop and grow as a group and as a community.


October 2009

Mersey Basin Week

Friends of Our Valley litter pick of river and valley area

Kindly Supported by Manchester Canoe Club

Waste Solutions SK – free supply of skip

Mersey Basin Campaign - £100 grant for litterpickers/ gloves/ bin bags


Disley and New Mills Anglers

Roman Lakes Leisure Park Ltd


The Chestnut Fund - £346.90

Tools & Equipment for volunteers / task days enabling our group to actively involve our volunteers in our work around the Goyt Valley.


February 2009

Area Flexibility Funding £500 Start up Grant

Set up a website and email address. Purchase a domain name and web space to facilitate easy public access to our group’s activities and enhance community involvement.  The website should also promote the group’s activities and projects and appeal to members of the local community to become members and enable the group to keep members informed and involved.

Advertising the group’s aims and appealing for members and support from the community (in newspapers, community, shops and post office boards etc)

Printing and publishing costs (membership forms, printing leaflets to attract members and community support, stationery etc)

General set up and running costs for 2009


Our Valley lies below Marple, Stockport, in the south of Greater Manchester and bordering Derbyshire and Cheshire East.

The section of valley along which the River Goyt flows from Strines to Marple Bridge forms 'Our Valley'

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